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If you would like to have an idea of what a project would cost, just click this link or use the menu above and then fill out the form. Please be as thorough as possible. This will allow us to give you the most accurate estimate of what your new packaging will entail. We always welcome phone calls or emails as well, but we will still need to collect most of the information listed on the request a quote form.

Types of Wood

We offer a wide selection of wood types. Click here or use the menu link above to see what we stock and what we would need to order. We also have provided some general information on each (density, color and price range).


There are many types of hardware available. We have experience with many varieties and options. Click this link or use the menu link above to see a general selection of hardware we have on hand and the finished they are available in.

Photo Archive

We have created thousands and thousands of products over the last 80 years. Some we never had the opportunity to photograph, overs we did, but in a less than professional manner. If you really want to see more, click here or use the menu link above. Enjoy!

WDI Custom Wood

We have done many variations of wood products over the years. Visit our “original” site which includes a variety of promotional, awards, millwork & Window products. Click here (

Looking for a single box or wood product?

If your looking for a personal wood item for yourself or a gift, visit our consumer site, The Good Wood Store at