MinnMade by WDI

MinnMade is our little baby!  We created this construction type a few years ago and still believe it is a wonderful addition to our capabilities. Minnmade starts with a tempered hardboard substrate made of fine sawdust particles. Combine this with a premium paper and you have a MinnMade product. For  more info on Minnmade and it’s construction, visit the MinnMade/Composites page. No hardware is required, the design of the box takes care of the hinge. Depending on the design, when a MinnMade box is opened, it may be completely silent or if the cover is a miter design, it will  offer up the slight rasp of wood on wood.

Above is a selection of MinnMade products. We encourage you to look through and see how it can inspire you. Maybe you see exactly what you want, maybe it gives you the push to create something unique and specific to your product!