Glass Tops, Glass Windows & Ceramic Inserts (in Cover)

Some of our most exquisite products have involved a glass insert or glass top. We thought we should pull all the glass top and ceramic insert items into one gallery to give you a chance to see the range of glass insert items we have done in the past.

Over the years, WDI has had the pleasure to work with many unique companies, both large and small. We take pride in every one of our products, whether it be something for a company which most everyone will recognize, or a product for a client which very few people are aware, it makes no difference to us. Every customer is our concern. Quality and attention to detail are not accidents. It is ingrained in our culture and in how we make products. Enjoy a selection of some of the items we have produced over the years.

It seems like glass top items come in either a typical product display type box, a shadow box for awards and recognition or an actual display box you might find in a gallery or museum.  We have done them all as well as printed ceramic inserts.  Enjoy!