Wood Finishes

One of the most important final steps in creating a product is the finish. We offer a full line of stains and Lacquers, ensuring your creation is exactly as you want it.
WDI Wood Stain Choices


WDI offers a wide variety of stains. We have kept it simple for your convenience, our standard stains are labeled by number (1 thru 23 with one extra M-100). The most common choice is the #1 Cherry. It is often used on Walnut wood for the classic furniture look.

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WDI carries three standard lacquers, all are colorless. The matte finish has a 11° rating. The lacquer we most commonly use is our standard finish lacquer, with a 35° rating. Our highest gloss in-stock finish has a 70° rating.

Lacquers can be rated with the following scale. It is not a manufacturer standard, hence the reason we prefer to identify each lacquer by it’s actual performance number vs. a label.
Flat (1–9% gloss)
Low Sheen (10–25% gloss)
Eggshell (26–40% gloss)
Semi Gloss (41–69% gloss)
Gloss (70–89% gloss)

The gloss % represents the amount of light which will be reflected off the lacquered finish vs diffused. As a reference point, consider a good mirror. It should have a reflection % of 100%. A surface which diffuses all the light shining on it, reflects none, would be 0%.

Laser Etching & Colorfill

We also do custom laser etching. Do you want colorfill with your etching? Got it! See some examples of etching and etching with colorfill. The color fill does not have to be shiny, this example is a glittering silver.