WDI developed the MinnMade product line while working with a customer to meet a specific need. They wanted something other than a solid wood package, but still with many of the same advantages and qualities of wood (ecologically friendly, rigid and durable). During this process we were able to meet their requirements and add some additional benefits. We believe we are the first company in the US to make this type of packaging! MinnMade is a Premium Package with value engineering and pricing considerations which lend itself to retail.

The cover can be mitered or flat, with wood showing or with a smooth outer edge
Miter Cover vs. Flat

MinnMade starts with a tempered hardboard substrate made of fine sawdust particles. Combine this with a premium paper and the MinnMade Product Line was begun.

There were many things learned during the process of developing this product. No hardware is required, the design of the box takes care of the hinge. Depending on the design, when a MinnMade box is opened, it may be completely silent or if the cover is a miter design, it will  offer up the slight rasp of wood on wood.


A unique quality of this product is the premium paper. Paper can be seen as such an ordinary thing, but when you really understand the potential choice of paper options, it quickly becomes extraordinary! We’re not just talking run of the mill black or white paper (although they are perfectly good options), we’re taking about designs, textures and colors which many people may not even be aware of! The colors can range from the mild and sedate to bold and adventurous.
This is just a small sample of the range of colors available:
MinnMade Group Images showing Colors


When most people think textured paper, a likely (and quickly disappearing) example is resume paper. When the job experience was light, make sure the paper was thick and textured! The options now available in premium designer and premium textured papers are simply amazing. Silver scales, got it! Leather look? Yep! Fuzzy? That too! These are a few of the textured papers we have worked with. The image below shows just how varied and unique some of the paper/texture choices are and what we can do with them. Click the image to see a larger version.
WDI MinnMade Paper Texture Examples

Printing & Engraving

Not only will a MinnMade Box stand out because of it’s unique design, strong construction and ecologically friendly attributes, but we can print or laser engrave them too! Use MinnMade as your primary packaging and add a clear wrap to provide a package which is unique and can add to the perceived value of your product. The MinnMade line is also ideal for self and counter top displays.

We are more than willing to push our limits to meet your expectations and vision. Call us to see just how much we can do for you. You will end up with an uncommon package at an amazingly reasonable price for the end value. If you know exactly what you want, simply request a quote online! If you have an idea of how we can modify our product to allow your product to cut through the clutter, let us know. Our goal is to help you succeed. Below are a few samples of items we have printed or engraved on.

Stella Artois Logo Printed on box

MinnMade Box with Stella Artois Closeup of Logo

MinnMade Box with Deer Print on Front

MinnMade Boxes with Wild & Shinola Printing

MinnMade Box with closeup of Wild Logo


Unique Configurations & Options

How about a pencil box? Business card holder? Set-up box? Maybe just a box! We have done many different shapes and types and are creating additional options and styles everyday. What can we create to make your product stand out in the crowd?

MinnMade Pencil Box

MinnMade Pencil/Letter Display Box

MinnMade Thin Box



Wood Veneer’s

Our newest variation in the MinnMade line has been to use a wood veneer on the substrate. The wood veneer has a plastic lining to ensure durability, but the veneer can be stained and finished, just like regular wood surfaces. As you can see, we have a wide variety of veneers from which to choose. This collection comes from one of our partners, Lenderink Technologies.

With the MinnMade Veneer Product line, we now offer a complete range of options, from our original solid wood to a composite which looks like wood to the ultra versatile MinnMade general line. What can we build for you?