Tennessee White Whiskey

Custom Promotions That POP!

Don’t follow the crowd. Don’t get the same crate or box they made by the millions overseas and shipped them here. Don’t be a sheep!

DO get unique and outstanding.

DO get exactly what you want.

Do get Made in the USA.

Do get Straight Talk.

Do get Online Quotes for Custom Items.

Don’t get left behind!

The Tennessee White Whiskey box, the single and double bottle crates are available on SAGE. You can use the SAGE quote system if you wish. The other items shown below can be quoted with our online quote system.

WDI Companies

WDI does custom products. We don’t stock many skus, our bread and butter is to make something exactly to your requirements. This doesn’t mean we don’t have a memory! We have done many items and can recreate them in a relatively short time. Because we make everything right here in Forest Lake Minnesota (40 minutes from both Minneapolis and St. Paul), we can often get them to you quicker than those who rely on overseas production. And you can get it exactly as you want it! We do have a 100 piece minimum.

Get an online quote or call Dan K at 1-800-899-4265 today!