Vintage Vest Buckle Box

Creative Artists/Art Directors

We’ve created this page specifically for Creative Directors, Art Directors and Package Designers to get you the relevant information as quickly and easily as possible. This page touches on the most common questions and interests for Retail Package Designers. We encourage you to look around the whole site, but if your time is limited, these areas may be most beneficial!

Product Photo Gallery

We have a lot of images. I would suggest starting with the What’s New section. See the Gallery menu above to access all 16 categories and sub-categories. If you want to step back in time a bit, check out the Photo Archives under the Extra’s menu!

See something you might want to show a client, but leave our name out of it? We can provide a “gallery only” page. You can embed it on your site (with a tiny bit of code). Here is an example. We can also put it on one of our partners sites if you would rather not mess with code on yours, like this.

MinnMade White and Wood Veneer

Construction Options

All of our products are custom made. We do not have stock items which are then made to fit your request. We make product specific to YOUR requirements.

MinnMade Pie Box
Joseph’s Restaurant and Pies

There are two main types of construction, Solid Wood and MinnMade. Both are described in detail on their individual pages, but to save you time, here are brief descriptions.

Solid wood is just as it says. Solid Wood!

The MinnMade product starts with a tempered hardboard substrate made of fine sawdust particles. The hardboard is adhered to premium paper and mitered to allow for gluing of the joints. The paper works as a hinge (if required). The paper used can be most any premium paper. See more of the options (how about textured papers?) on our MinnMade page.

New Items/New Ideas

We would like to send you brief updates (every 3 or 4 months). Just add your name, email and title. The updates are quite short and serve as a way to keep you in the loop when we create something new and unique. Stop them at any time (with a simple unsubscribe click, no hoops to jump through!).

Buffalo Trace – Gray
Wood Radius Side Box

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