Custom Bulk Wood Boxes

WDI Custom Wood Boxes and More

WDI builds wood boxes. We have been building wood products for 80+ years. We build it to your requirements and we build it in the USA. There are no tariff issues or ramifications.  We make it easy for you to find out what your project will cost, just fill out our Free Quote Request! If you would rather talk to us directly, give us a call at 1-800-899-4265.

Made to Order

Rustic Green Drawer In Box
Rustic Green Drawer In Box
Glossy Finish Group
Glossy Finish Group

Over the years we have built a wide variety of wood products. The range is almost endless! We have done 1000’s of different wood boxes, including cigar, watch, wine and spirits, promotional, ad specialty, retail packaging, knife, gift, stamp, coin, keepsake, memory, presentation, jewelry and so on! I think you get the idea. We have done many different products and use our institutional experience and knowledge to help us to create every product in the most efficient manner, yielding the best possible results. If you want to see some of what we have done, please visit our product galleries or for more historic items (how about a Little Free Library that looks like a TARDIS from Dr. Who!) in our archival files.

Complete Finishing Services

We also offer complete finishing services. From UV Color Printing to Branding Iron, Laser Etching, Color Fill and more. We can help you to find the right inserts (if they are required). We have many contacts we have worked with over the years and can find the perfect match to  complete your vision.

If you are looking for some inspiration, go to the gallery page and see some of our notable creations. If you really want to did deep, go to the Extras page and check out the Photo Archive galleries! They were special then and may give you the inspiration to you!

Specialty Packaging – A Composite Option


In addition to our solid wood capabilities, we have created a new product category, at a lower price! MinnMade is a composite product made from wood and premium paper or another mounting substrate, like wood veneers. Although we offer a wide variety of finishes in the solid wood line, the choices for the MinnMade product are almost endless. MinnMade starts with a tempered hardboard substrate made of fine sawdust particles. Combine this with a premium paper and the MinnMade Product Line was begun. There were many things learned during the process of developing this product. No hardware is required, the design of the box takes care of the hinge. Depending on the design, when a MinnMade box is opened, it may be completely silent or if the cover is a miter design, it will offer up the slight rasp of wood on wood. See more of the options (how about textures?) on our MinnMade page.