Custom Wine and Liquor Packaging

Custom Wood Boxes & Gift Packs

Bonus pack, liquor with glass
Wood liquor box with glass.

WDI builds wood boxes, gift packs, ad specialties, promotional items, displays and more! We have 80+ years experience in the wood products manufacturing industry and continue to grow and adapt our products, processes and capabilities. If you know what you want and would like an estimate, click here to Request a Quote, or please feel free to call us at 1-800-899-4265. Please fill out the Quote Request as completely as possible. It will allow us to give you the best possible estimate.

Custom Wood Boxes/Packaging

WDI has created a wide variety of products, from classic rough finish watch boxes to fine wine and spirits packaging. We have done crates and pallets for displays and so much more! If you want more information, please visit the links above to learn more about our capabilities and history. For inspiration, visit our many product collections to see some of what we have done in the past. Need hardware suggestions? See the Extras/Hardware menu!


More than Just Wood Boxes & Packaging

Group shot of MinnMade Packages
Custom Composite Boxes – MinnMade

One of the product extensions we have recently added is called MinnMade. MinnMade is a wood and paper composite box, with a lower price point than wood. It also has some interesting design possibilities. It can be created with an almost endless variety of premium papers or wood veneers. The premium papers allow for an almost infinite selection of colors or even textures! If you want a truly unique look, we can get you there! MinnMade can also be customized with UV printing or laser etching and it’s unique construction requires no hardware. Like all our products, MinnMade is custom built to your specifications. If you would like assistance with design, we can do that as well.

Custom Built to Your Design

WDI creates custom products. We do not adapt a pre-existing product to fit your

need. We make it from scratch!  If you have full blueprints and design specifications, great!  We can take your information and create your product. If you just have some sketches on a paper or in your head, but don’t know where to go next, we can help. We have been assisting customers with the design portion of a project for as long as we have been creating our customers dreams. Step up to premium packaging with a custom wood or composite box today!

WDI Retail Packaging

If you are looking for some inspiration, go to our gallery page and see some of our notable creations. If you really want to dig deep into our archives, go to the Extras page and check out the archival products! They were special then and may offer some additional insights into our capabilities.

WDI has years of experience creating satisfied customers with novel and unique wood and composite wood packages. We look forward to working with you.