Wood Boxes, Crates and More!

Unfinished slatted package for one bottle

WDI builds custom wood boxes and crates. Every box we build is to the exact specifications required by our customers. If you need a display crate, a retail products box or any other kind of box or crate, there is a good chance we have done something similar in the past and can leverage our knowledge and experience in building a custom version for you! Look through the gallery below to see some of what we have done. If you want to see more, visit our Wood Gallery Page.

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Korta Katarina & Emeril's Retail Packages

About WDI

We have 80+ years experience in the wood products manufacturing industry and continue to grow and adapt our products, processes and capabilities. If you want more information, please visit the links above to learn more about our history. For inspiration, visit our many product galleries to see more of what we have created. Need hardware suggestions? See the Extras/Hardware menu!

MinnMade Veneer Group Custom BoxMinnMade

We also have developed a second line of products using a wood composite structure we call MinnMade. This line  consists of premium paper bonded to a wood substrate or a wood veneer bonded to a wood substrate. We can use most any premium paper, including textured and patterned papers.

Group shot of MinnMade Packages
Group shot – MinnMade Colors

With the multiple product line offerings and unique choices and options on each, we are excited to bring your creative visions to life!

For more complete information about our wood and MinnMade product lines, click the links below.

WDI has years of experience creating satisfied customers with novel and unique wood and composite wood packages. We look forward to working with you.