Drying Cart “Lazy River” to the 1st Drying Station

Factory Finished Moulding and Trim

Make your remodel or new install of moulding and trim easier than ever! WDI will stain and finish the moulding and trim of your choice with one of our 26 standard stains. All done in our factory under perfect conditions. No more taping, paint tarps, paper or plastic AND the finish will be factory consistent, without drips or runs. Save time and reduce costs!

Get Superior Results in Less Time

Choose the style of Casing, our current choices include Ranch, Colonial & Princeton Casings. We will be adding additional options in the near future. If your choice is not shown, please ask and we will see what we can do!

We will be adding additional styles (K-Style and Hood Strip Casings) and parts as demand requires. These may include Base, Stair Parts, Hand Rails, Balusters, Shoe Rails, Newel Posts, Skirt Boards, Landing Treads, Rosettes, Doors, Prehung Jambs, and Miscellaneous Molding Options.

Also available will be K-edge (Coping Base Profiles) on all pieces, if requested.

Choose your Finish

We will finish all and seal your order in your choice of one of our 26 standard finishes. If you don’t see what you need, please ask! We will work with you to get you exactly what you need.

Standard Stain Choices

The Perfect Finish Every Time!

Do what you do well (carpentry) and let us do what we do well (custom finished moulding and trim). We can save you time and money and give you great results. Let us make your life easier!

Inside of the Initial Drying Station

It’s a bit more energetic than a tanning booth! We can control the time and temp to insure excellent results every time.

More Information Coming Soon!

If you want to get started with saving time, money and reducing anxiety and stress, give us a call today! Ask for Dan K at  1-800-899-4265. Do keep in mind, these pieces can be up to 16 feet long or more and will need to be picked up by the person ordering them. There is currently no cost effective and reliable way to transport these items by standard shipping methods. We are located in Forest Lake Minnesota, just 30 minutes to the north of downtown St. Paul or Minneapolis!

We will be automating the process with online ordering as well as online payment soon. Until we have that process complete, we ask that you contact Dan K at  1-800-899-4265 or dank@thewoodster.com.

We look forward to working with you and making your life easier and more profitable!

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