Wood Cup

Bottoms Up!

Bottoms up! Need a #WoodProduct or #WoodComponent? We talk a lot about #RetailPackaging, it is one of our primary businesses, but we can do a whole lot more! For example – how about a simple wood cup! Laser engrave or UV Print it and you have a unique item which will be remembered as a promo or for everyday use! See more at https://www.wdicustomwood.com. #SpecialtyPackaging #CustomPackaging

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Bliss Box Flat, Chocolates

From Easter to ….. Chocolates!

For many Americans, Easter isn’t complete without candy! Here are some fun Easter candy facts with thanks to Infoplease.com. Stats are for the USA. 87% of parents will buy or make Easter baskets for their children and 81% will then proceed to steal candy from them Ninety million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year Chocolate bunnies should be eaten ears first, according to 89% of Americans. Six percent said bunnies should be eaten feet first, while 5% favored eating the tail first. Adults prefer milk chocolate (65%), to dark chocolate (27%) If you’re selling fine chocolates or any other #PremiumProduct, we have the PERFECT #RetailPackaging for you. Our wood… Read More

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MinnMade Red Box-with Product

World Water Day

What does #WorldWaterDay (https://www.worldwaterday.org/) mean to you? If you don’t think about it, there is a good chance you have a safe and adequate supply.  Many people do not. Luckily, WDI works with wood.  Trees are a sustainable resource and one which can help stabilizing the water cycle. I don’t have a pithy segue into something about a product we have created, so I’ll just show you another great example of products created by WDI!  See more examples at  https://www.wdi-retailpackaging.com. #RetailPackaging #SpecialtyPackaging #CustomPackaging

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Bliss Cigar Shape Box

Cheese Please!

What do Denmark, Iceland, Finland and France have in common?  These are the top 4 cheese consuming countries per capita in the world!  That might not interest to you, but what about a solid #Wood #BlissBox as your #RetailPackaging AND at a price which will surprise you for it’s #Affordability! Let #WDI build a #CustomWood package for your #product. See more at  https://www.wdi-retailpackaging.com. #PromoPackaging #SpecialtyPackaging

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Drive Coffee Box, Large and Small


DRIVE Coffee is not afraid to stand out from the competition! Their unique #ProductPackaging makes a distinct statement. Take a look here  https://www.drivecoffee.com.  Customers will often keep the packaging for display or as a collection. They have now extended there unique packaging with a #Wood #Slide-top #Box which WDI created (to their exact requirements)!  What can WDI build for you?  See more #RetailPackaging by WDI at  https://www.wdi-retailpackaging.com. #PromoPackaging #SpecialtyPackaging

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First off, please reference our last post before jumping to conclusions! We have recently introduced a new product, a BLISS box!  A bliss box is a three-piece container consisting of one body piece (front, bottom and back) and two end panels adhered into place.  We create it with a slide top for a simple and economical design! Is it time to put your product in a #Wood #RetailPacakge? The perfect  #ProductPackage to make a statement and draw attention! See more at  https://www.wdi-retailpackaging.com. #PromoPackaging #SpecialtyPackaging

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Decorating Options

What’s up with 2021 for packaging?

Well according to the experts at 99Designs (https://99designs.com/blog/trends/packaging-design-trends/) it’s: 1-Tiny illustrated patterns2-Authentically vintage3-Hyper-simplistic geometry4-Packaging dressed in fine art5-Technical and anatomical ink drawings6-Organically shaped color blocking7-Product names front and center8-Picture-perfect symmetry9-Story-driven packaging featuring quirky characters10-Solid all-over color Whatever designs you put on your #RetailPackage, make sure the package itself can hold up its end of the deal!  See what WDI can do for you!  From #SolidWood to #Composite #MinnMade, we have a #CustomWood package for you!  See more at  https://www.wdi-retailpackaging.com. #ProductPackaging #PromoPackaging #SpecialtyPackaging

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