MinnMade Red Box-with Product

World Water Day

What does #WorldWaterDay (https://www.worldwaterday.org/) mean to you? If you don’t think about it, there is a good chance you have a safe and adequate supply.  Many people do not. Luckily, WDI works with wood.  Trees are a sustainable resource and one which can help stabilizing the water cycle. I don’t have a pithy segue into something about a product we have created, so I’ll just show you another great example of products created by WDI!  See more examples at  https://www.wdi-retailpackaging.com. #RetailPackaging #SpecialtyPackaging #CustomPackaging

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Bliss Cigar Shape Box

Cheese Please!

What do Denmark, Iceland, Finland and France have in common?  These are the top 4 cheese consuming countries per capita in the world!  That might not interest to you, but what about a solid #Wood #BlissBox as your #RetailPackaging AND at a price which will surprise you for it’s #Affordability! Let #WDI build a #CustomWood package for your #product. See more at  https://www.wdi-retailpackaging.com. #PromoPackaging #SpecialtyPackaging

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Drive Coffee Box, Large and Small


DRIVE Coffee is not afraid to stand out from the competition! Their unique #ProductPackaging makes a distinct statement. Take a look here  https://www.drivecoffee.com.  Customers will often keep the packaging for display or as a collection. They have now extended there unique packaging with a #Wood #Slide-top #Box which WDI created (to their exact requirements)!  What can WDI build for you?  See more #RetailPackaging by WDI at  https://www.wdi-retailpackaging.com. #PromoPackaging #SpecialtyPackaging

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